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b. Culturally Relevant Curriculum
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In School Residence Program

 ANEW BAM in School Residence Program consists of:


  1. Culturally Relevant Teaching Artists: Modeling culturally responsive instructional methods for teachers and diversifying the instructional experience of students.
  2. Innovative Classroom Instruction Methods: Using arts such as spoken word, hip-hop, journalism, documentaries, dance, poetry, visual art, painting, and journalism.
  3. Inclusive Curriculum: Increasing access to African American History.
  4. Family and Community Engagement: Creating student-centered educational products and performances that serve as a platform for family and community involvement and support.


Why it is important:

  1. Acknowledges students’ cultural heritage as it affects their dispositions, attitudes, and approaches to learning, and recognizes that it contains content worthy to be included in the curriculum.
  2. Builds meaning between students’ home and schools experiences as well as between “school stuff” and the students’ lived realities.
  3. Uses a wide variety of instructional strategies.
  4. Teaches an appreciation of the students’ own cultural heritage as well as that of others.
  5. Incorporates multicultural information, resources, and materials in all subjects and skills routinely taught in schools.
  6. Develop and enrich critical skills such as reading, writing and critical thinking — for K-12 students.
  7. Promote self-expression, communication and self-empowerment through the use of various arts forms.
  8. Increase access to art resources for K-12 students, teachers, schools and families.

ANEW BAM residencies are available all year including traditional times of African American celebrations: Black History Month, Kwanzaa, African American Parent Involvement Day, Juneteenth, and others.


Possible products include:

  • A collection of student writings
  • A documentary of the project
  • A videotaped performance by students

ANEW BAM residency staff and artist, assist teachers in meeting the Minnesota Social Studies Standards by providing students with opportunities to develop skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking in creative and meaningful activities through close examination of African American History.

Residencies of 35 hours or more culminate with ANEW BAM Artists and teachers working with student participants to produce evidence of their learning. This evidence is demonstrated in bound or recorded collections of student works or through community events and performances where students have the opportunity to read or perform their works for their classmates, families, and community members. ANEW BAM plans to work closely with schools and district partners to evaluate the impact of our education program by assessing student engagement and critical thinking skills by collecting evidence of student learning. By collecting writing samples and conducting project based assessment. It also will include written and verbal feedback from participating students, teachers, and artists.

The ANEW BAM in school residence program plans to partner with K-12 teachers at schools and other community venues to bring culturally relevant artists into classrooms and after-school programs. This program has successfully engaged youth in activities that help them explore their personal stories, family stories, and cultural histories through various arts forms. It is widely known that young people who engage in structured participatory, arts-based learning are far more likely to succeed. We believe that learning about African American history from culturally relevant artist benefits youth from all backgrounds. Our program is available all year long. Our roster of includes highly experienced and qualified cultural relevant artist. Our staff and artist are highly skilled and trained in working with hundreds of at risk students yearly.

Residencies are scheduled in the order that requests are received, so please schedule as early as possible, regardless of when the residency will take place. For more information visit our website, or contact Executive Director Kevin Robinson @ 651-460-7065.

We look forward to working with you to develop an exciting educational residency to support you in meeting Minnesota’s Academic Standards in Social Studies.